Meet Christy Painchaud, E3 Firearms Instructor

Christy Painchaud is retired from military service. Her vast experience and training also includes being a special agent and a firearms instructor. As a mom, Christy helps bring a different perspective, from a woman and mom in the firearms world. Christy’s first memories of shooting a gun was with her dad at her uncle’s property […]

Firearms Instruction for Women Instructor and Former Agent, Christy Painchaud, talks training for women

Firearms instruction for women means handling firearms confidently in today’s world is a necessity, if you want to keep yourself and your family safe. If you have a fear of guns, try your best to work to overcome that fear. Because there is no reason to be afraid of guns. You control the gun. Just […]

A Talk with Master Firearms Instructor Adam Painchaud – Part 2

In this podcast with our President and Co-Founder Adam Painchaud, you'll see how Adam got his start in the firearms world. Adam reveals his favorite gun and his one "bet your life on" go-to gun. You'll hear about his time helping people and making a name for himself, and all about Adam's time as a [...]

Adam Addresses Questions About E3 Firearms Association

Hello, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Before you go off for a fun Thanksgiving holiday with your family, I want to take a few minutes to answer some common questions about our launch that we’ve received from people like you. Question 1) What is the difference between joining the Front of the Line now and […]

Christy Painchaud Interview

In this revealing interview, Brian Johnson talks to Christy Painchaud, as she shares how she got started with firearms, and much more. Christy Painchaud, a retired federal agent, special agent and criminal investigator, is also a mom who carries. Listen in as Christy shares her perspective as a woman who carries a firearm every day, [...]
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