E3 Firearms Association Live Audience Q&A With Adam Painchaud Event Recording

Adam Painchaud Answers Questions from an E3 Firearms Association Audience Earlier this week, Adam Painchaud held a live Q&A discussion session, when he gave practical advice, and answered questions from our live call-inĀ  audience about Firearms training and safety. If you missed the opportunity to join this special E3 Firearms Association event, you can listen [...]

Involved in a Shooting Incident What to do and what not to do

Join Officer Adam Painchaud on patrol, as he shares what to do if you are involved or near a shooting incident. You'll hear what to do if you are in an incident, and what not to do when police are on the scene. You'll discover what to think about when police respond, as well as [...]

Training for Women

Listen in as Adam’s wife Christy, an armed professional, shares her thoughts about carrying as a mom. You’ll hear why some women learn differently than men, and the difference between women’s firearm training and men’s. She talks about why women-only training empowers women, and what about carrying and training is empowering to women. Christy discusses […]

Get in the front of the line