Adam Painchaud -
Director, President, Master Instructor
Where the Elite and the Professionals Train President / Director of Training and Development, Adam Painchaud (Formally VP at Sig Sauer Academy) has trained some of the most elite agencies, special operations units, SWAT teams and many other professionals. Even the most secretive of groups.

Needless to say the training and development delivered is among the best.

It's all surrounded and accompanied with pre and post online and ongoing education and development to ensure results and proficiency.
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The NEW GENERATION in tactical and agency level training and development.

E3 Firearms Association deploys not only the finest in armed professional level training, but also incorporates additional technologies, pre-session grounding lessons, Post-Session continuing development, interactive tools, and much more.

Multiple E-Learning PhDs and Professors assist in the course development to guarantee the highest results.
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The Most Stunning Training Experience RESULTS CERTAIN Practical... Specific... Effective... Outcome Based...
Just a few statements that describe why training developed by Master Instructor Adam Painchaud and the Director of Development Team deploys the ultimate strategies to give you the best chance at results while being a safe as possible. Graduates of these state-of-the-art programs become more confident and eventually extremely competent.

Our Learning teams take shooter and professionals from...
Unconsciously Incompetent
Conscious Incompetent
Conscious Competence
Unconsciously Competent
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EXCELLENCE Explore the Ultimate in Human Achievement in Tactical Training Our organization exists to maximize human potential and accelerate human achievement. We empower people to achieve a higher quality of training, protection and tactically smart life than they ever could without us. Knowledge, success, practical balance, safety, and competence is our business.
As a company, we are on a quest to explore the outer reaches of human potential. We see ourselves as shooting and protective development, trainers, educators, scientists, researchers, and explorers. We search out best practices in every discipline of the industry, personally and professionally. If there is a new or better way of doing ANYTHING, we want to know about it. We go to the cutting edge and bring back the best information to share with each other and the world.
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COMPREHENSIVE Dynamic, Customized Offers All areas of Firearms and tactical Training
Pre-Deployment Training
LIVE Fire and situational application
Counter-Terrorism Training
Force Protection Training
High-Threat Situational Awareness Training
Canine Trainer and Handler
Customized Courses
Basic and Advanced Executive Protection
High-Threat Protection
Tactics Training for Law Enforcement
Special Operations Training for Military and Support Units
SWAT Operators
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VIP The Ultimate Concierge Experience We know how it is to leave family for extended periods and focus on your developed. We have created a Concierge team to assist in the ultimate VIP training experience.

Our team will hand hold you through the process and make sure every detail for your tip is covered so you can be hyper focused on your development and have a little relaxation as well.

Peace of mind knowing everything is handles for you. Food, lodging, transportation and more.

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Advanced Results Certain Training and Education


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