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Adam Painchaud President / Co-Founder / Master Instructor Adam Painchaud is one of the most highly regarded small unit tactics and advanced firearms instructors in America. He is Army Ranger and Airborne qualified. Adam is a retired senior non-commissioned officer and Special Agent with nearly 22 years experience in both active duty and reserves. He has completed federal investigations as well as protective service missions worldwide including missions for the global war against terrorism. Adam has since transitioned to being the President and Co-Founder of E3 Firearms Association, as he continues to serve as a police officer and SWAT operator. Adam remains active training agencies and civilians. He is dedicated to making a positive difference in the firearms community and in people’s lives. Adam is the driving force behind E3 Firearms Association. Brian Johnson Co-Founder Brian has been carrying concealed since he was 21 with a family dedicated and trained to carry as well. Over the years he has continuously sought out to increase his training and education to be a fluent as possible in the firearms world and find the ultimate training to achieve mastering the craft. In his role, Brian is helping E3 members accelerate their firearms training growth through a variety of meaningful training and education. His main focus is to orchestrate the business side of the E3 team to deliver the highest possible member experience and guide the company to it’s ultimate vision. During his 26 years of working with hundreds of companies in 34 industries, Brian has steadily taken on new assignments and leadership roles in many of the organizations he works with, with a focus on business development, process improvement, advanced multi-channel strategies and helping companies in crisis. He has helped clients in various industries address a range of issues, including merger integration, operations improvement, and corporate strategy. His clients have included large multinational organizations spanning the telecommunications, training, software development, banking, technology, publishing, online marketing, retail and manufacturing industries. As Co-Founder, he continues to be actively engaged in the marketplace, meeting frequently with leaders in the markets E3 Firearms Association serves. Having attended Harvard Business School Boston, Brian is a highly diversified leader with extensive business experience in small to medium sized companies with a specific talent of bridging the gap between organizational structures and department leaders. The
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The Ultimate in Results Based Training... For over a decade, Adam Painchaud has built relationships and a stellar team of elite instructors nationwide to achieve the ultimate goal of acquiring a world class group of individuals that together will make a positive impact on peoples lives no matter what level they are in their firearms lifestyle. From special forces training to beginners... Its all about objective based training and education that creates results and competency.

Only the best vetted individuals have been slected to be on Adam's team.
Christy Painchaud Contributor / Instructor Christy Painchaud is a retired federal agent and criminal investigator. She specialized in protective service operations for high ranking dignitaries. As part of her extensive career, she served on military active duty and the reserves as well as time as a government contractor. Christy is a mom who carries and enjoys empowering others with her vast experience and knowledge.
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Adele Sommers, PhD Dr. of Learning Systems Adele Sommers, PhD Dr. of Learning Systems Adele Sommers, Ph.D. is the Director of Product Development and E-learning for the E3 Firearms Association. As a specialist in online training, her aim is to take the E3 Firearms curriculum to the next level. Adele has devoted over two decades to helping both small and large organizations boost their profitability and effectiveness through e-learning, classroom training, information design, technical communication, and performance-improvement consulting. She's an award-winning multimedia designer and author with copious articles and publications to her credit. Ken Leonard Copy Chief and Marketer, Publishing Ken is a 10-year veteran in the copywriting and marketing world, earning high-level positions as senior copywriter, copy chief and marketing strategist for some of the biggest names in online marketing. Prior to his marketing career, Ken survived a robbery, attack and shooting, after which he secured his CCW license and became a firearms enthusiast. With training from his Sheriff's Office Deputy step-father, he became proficient in shooting. After a hiatus to travel the world, Ken is once again practicing self-defense, increasing his proficiency and keeping his family safe. Elaine Johnson Director of Member Support She is referred to as the ‘glue’. As Senior Adviser and Project Manager she keeps it together, will see a need and fill it – before you do. Elaine brings deep and vast business experience to all aspects of the project. This experience comes from founding companies to taking them public and everything in between. In Elaine you’ve got a can do attitude backed by experience. In addition to having a passion for entrepreneurs, as a Florida resident she enjoys boating, family events and is an avid firearms enthusiast. Jeff Stamp, PhD Content Director Dr. Jeffrey Stamp has over 25 years of world-wide experience in bringing out the creative best in business professionals and students. You will recognize Dr. Stamp by the products he has created while in corporate life. He was the inventor, creator, and section manager of “Baked Lays”, for PepsiCo’s snack division Frito-Lay, which achieved $230 million in first year sales and was named by Ernst and Young as the top brand introduction in the 90’s for the food sector. Dr. Stamp is recognized worldwide as a master creative practitioner and has developed numerous methods that are designed to accelerate ‘Discovery Thinking’ and cognitive fluidity. In 2008 Dr. Stamp was awarded the prestigious Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Award from the Acton Foundation. His research is focused on the creative and cognitive processes that entrepreneurs use in idea creation, technology innovation, and opportunity recognition. Katrina Lawton Photography / Editor A mother, wife and professional portrait photographer. Katrina Lawton Photography specializes in custom portraits, while focusing on emotion and producing timeless, wall worthy images.Although she loves to work out of her studio in Central Massachusetts she also enjoys traveling for specialty shoots. Out of the box and unique locations take her work to the next level. When Katrina is not killing it behind the camera, she is drinking big cups of coffee, wrangling her daughter and shooting with her husband at the range. Loving all things shooting from a camerato a firearm! She makes the perfect match for E3 Firearms Association. Smoky Muehlstein Content Contributor / SEO As a certified Texas Peace Officer and Fire Chief/Arson Investigator, carrying every day is just a part of life. Just as he has to continually train for continuing education for the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and Texas Commission of Law Enforcement, Smoky believes 100% in learning more about carrying firearms safely and effectively. He is devoted to help all the members of E3 Firearms Association by providing his expertise in Search and Social Media Marketing. Smoky is widely recognized as a leading Internet Marketing expert, and he has over 20 years’ experience in marketing, with emphasis in Online Marketing—utilizing the latest techniques in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, as well as direct response electronic media sales/marketing. He has developed proprietary systems for securing top Google rankings in multiple keywords for virtually every company he has worked with, including: 1) Precious Moments, 2) Printplace.com, INC 500 company ranked #54, and many others. Teddy Garcia Chief Technical Officer Teddy Garcia wrote his first computer program at 10 years old on a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. He was online thru Prodigy before AOL ever existed. He built his first ecommerce website in 1997 for a bicycle store he purchased at 23 years old while simultaneously finishing his marketing degree at the University of Connecticut. With over 25 years of online and real world marketing experience, Teddy has seen and done it all and is an expert on virtually all areas of internet marketing. Teddy is E3FA’s CTO and manages all of our technology and marketing systems. Kai Holland Director Graphics and Visuals Kai has been in the website development, online marketing and design field for over 20 years with extensive experience in website and print design, as well as user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. Kai resides in Kaneohe, Hawaii and enjoys spending time with his wife and their chocolate lab. He holds a third degree black belt in Aikido and loves playing in the ocean. Thomas Lawton Production and Support . Christy Painchaud Content Contributor / Instructor Christy Painchaud is a retired federal agent and criminal investigator. She specialized in protective service operations for high ranking dignitaries. As part of her extensive career, she served on military active duty and the reserves as well as time as a government contractor. Christy is a mom who carries and enjoys empowering others with her vast experience and knowledge. John Fain Instructor John has been involved in martial arts since he was a young child, training in Karate, Hapkido and Judo. He began boxing in 1997 under the late Jerry Knight and had a successful high school wrestling career. During his mid-twenties he started training at Boston Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Roberto Maia and received his black belt in 2011. As owner of Triumph Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, John began teaching and coaching children in 1997. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University in 2002, as well as a Master of Social Work degree from Boston University in 2005. He worked as a Child and Family Therapist and Psychology Professor prior to running Triumph Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu full-time. John is on the web at https://www.teamtriumphbjj.com Slide
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