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Self-Defense and Defense of Others

Although our legal system generally
discourages the use of force or violence
against others, courts have recognized
that all individuals have the right to protect
themselves from harm and may use
reasonable force in order to do so.
Likewise, the defense of others defense also
recognizes the right to use reasonable force
in defense of others who are threatened.


Reality-Based Firearm Training

Reality-based training is not a video game or family entertainment centered around firearms. It is a virtual simulation training technology for military, law enforcement and concealed carry license training. The first and most important factor of these virtual reality training scenarios is the ability to create a 100% safe environment that requires no live ammo.


Interview - Kris "Tanto" Paronto

Kris "Tanto" Paronto is an American
author and speaker as well as a former U.S. Army Ranger and CIA security contractor. Paronto is known for his actions while part of the CIA annex security team during
the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S.
Ambassador to Libya Chris Stephens and the CIA compound in Benghazi. 


Teaching Kids About Firearms

What little kid has not played cowboys and Indians with a toy gun? Almost all of boys, and many of the girls.

See why you need to educate children at an early age about firearms, in today's column from SlowFacts.


Supporting Our Vets

Read Why E3 Firearms Association Is Proud To Support HAVA and Disabled Veterans!

For all of us here at E3 Firearms Association, giving back is as important as giving you the training you need to keep your family aware, prepared and safe.


Reasons Why You Lose Motivation

Here is a sad and revealing fact. Most firearm owners have not taken any training. Carrying a firearm is a serious endeavor. It is easier and more fun to go buy a shiny new gun and forget it, than to practice with the one you have. 


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