EDC – Quality of Life While Armed

Today we’re talking with Jeff Gonzales, a very well-known firearms instructor and former U.S. Navy Seal. Today we’re talking about Every Day Carry, or EDC. I think that makes Jeff stand alone as a subject matter expert on EDC. He is also the president of TRICON and Trident Concepts, an awesome training institution. With his school , he delivers courses … Read More

Should You Leave Your Gun in the Car While in the Store?

Is it okay to leave your gun in the car or the glove compartment, to run into a store really quickly? In situations like this, if you can, you should keep your gun on you. Never leave your gun in the car without securing it properly. I’m here with Jeff Gonzales, who lives in Texas.  He says the answer is … Read More

Is a Clean Gun Important? How Often Should I Clean Mine?

Can you clean a gun too much? Do I need a clean gun? How often should I clean my gun so it works properly and does not give me problems? Here’s what E3 Firearms Association co-Founder Adam Painchaud had to say about these questions about having a clean gun. “These are good questions, as I treat my carry guns differently … Read More

Less Lethal Tools

Less lethal is a common term, especially in the law enforcement realm. This means you have options to use deadly force, or tools you have available that are not deadly force tools. A gun is considered a deadly force tool, as opposed to pepper spray, tasers or an impact weapon like batons. Those are considered less lethal tools. The reason … Read More

Perishable Skills

Some skills are perishable, which means they require you to work on them if you want to keep them strong. I’ve done a lot of training work, helping agencies and law enforcement professionals lately. I’m on the range all day doing a police rifle training. In addition, I also do some vehicle defense training. Plus, I’m working with the SWAT … Read More

Gun Maintenance and Modifications

I consider myself a gun junkie. I like doing gun maintenance. But I’m also a mechanic. I love mechanics, I like working on things, I like fixing things. Whether it’s a car or a firearm or something else, I like to understand how things work. They are mechanical objects with a lot of moving parts.  I like tinkering with them … Read More

Out-of-State Firearms License

Are there any secrets or tricks or tips if you’re trying to get your out of state license or non-resident permit? Are there any national things you need to say, or is every state different? Well, we know Massachusetts looks at it a little differently than California, for example. So what are the best practices to try to get an … Read More

First Aid Training With Red Cross

Adam Painchaud Talks with Kerry Davis of Dark Angel Medical About First Aid Training Kerry, how about level of training, for our members out there. What type of training or what level of training do you think is sufficient for them to achieve? Your average Red Cross Certification? What is it that folks can do out there to be more … Read More

Securing a Firearm in a School Parking Area

How can a CCW holder secure a firearm when briefly entering a school parking area for pickup or drop off of a student, so they can have a firearm after leaving the school grounds? Well, one of the difficulties with this is that some states actually ban possession on school grounds. So if you’re in Florida for instance, in Florida … Read More

Continuous Training and Practice

We asked Kerry Davis, of Dark Angel Medical for some advice for our members.  I always tell guys in our classes, you could have the best training in the world. You can have the highest speed gear in the world. If you don’t have the right mindset to go along with that training, you’re going to set yourself up for … Read More