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Training Standards Trident Concepts Jeff Gonzales

Jeff and Adam on the importance of Firearms training standards Join Jeff and Adam for an Exclusive Interview on Training Standards Join Jeff and Adam as they talk about the importance of Firearms training standards and how you can apply them to your own training. You’ll see why Jeff is one of the best instructors […]

How Much Should I Train? Ken Hackathorn and Adam Painchaud

Hear Adam and Ken’s thoughts on how often to hit the range Legend Ken Hackathorn and Adam on more firearms training options You’ll hear Adam and Ken’s thoughts on how often to hit the range or take a class, as well as how to gauge how much training to do. You’ll also discover the constraint […]

Survival Mindset: The Kyle Lamb And Adam Painchaud Interview

For Kyle Lamb, It’s About Getting Better Every Day Join Kyle Lamb and Adam Painchaud as they get into a detailed conversation about combat and survival mindset, EDC and training, along with more advanced strategies. Get ready to hear from two of the most advanced tactical operators on the planet. Watch this star-power video interview […]

Women on Wednesdays is Coming, Share Your Story

Starting in January, we are doing something special for the ladies. We’re launching a Women on Wednesdays column, led by Christy Painchaud. Not all the stories and comments are coming from Christy though. We want to hear from our female followers and members!! Here’s a little message from Christy. “As an instructor, one thing I […]

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