State Gun Laws Traveling with Firearms

Scott Kappas, an attorney and author, was born and raised in the great gun-loving commonwealth of Kentucky. From an early age, Scott learned from his parents to appreciate the personal liberties that Americans enjoy more fully than any other people as he he learned about state gun laws first hand. On a family vacation to the northeast, he found that … Read More

Tactical Medicine and Saving Lives

Kerry Davis is the founder of Dark Angel Medical, the industry leader in the field of tactical medicine, gear and training. He is by far the most respected person in the business as it relates to everyday carry and tactical medical. However, as an everyday citizen who carries, you never know when you will be in the position where you … Read More

My Empowerment Story – By Terri Vetter

I can’t remember a time when guns weren’t in my life.  My dad hunted with gun and bow.  He kept his guns in an antique gun cabinet in our dining room.  No lock, glass front.  It was filled with the antique guns he collected, his hunting guns, a hand gun, and ammunition.  It was a different time then, and although … Read More

Women on Wednesday!

It’s Women on Wednesday… with “Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules” Our empowerment message this week is to encourage you to empower and educate your children with gun safety! We recently read a new favorite children’s gun safety book, “Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules” by @juliegolob (World Class Competitive Shooter and Industry Icon). We absolutely loved it! We highly recommend it … Read More

Women On Wednesdays

Check out our “Women on Wednesdays” message from Kim Sellers as she shares her empowerment story…   ”For the past several years, my dad and I go to the shooting range as a part of father-daughter time for his birthday.  It first began as something fun, “bonding” time.  However, the first time I held the gun in my hands and … Read More

My Gear Routine When Winter Is Near

Especially up here in the northeast, and pretty much across the country, winter means that daylight is short. It’s starting to get dark around 5:30pm. That gets me thinking about if I have the right equipment for conditions, including batteries. I’m thinking about, “Do I have my light with me? Is my light charged up with good batteries?” A good, … Read More

Concealed Carry As Seasons and Wardrobes Change

I would say that fall is probably my favorite time of the year. As it relates to firearms, one of the things that’s nice about the fall is I feel like I have more concealed carry options as the weather gets colder. In the summer months, I’m running around off duty on the weekends and after hours. I’ve got shorts … Read More

Women’s Training Event Highlights

We just wrapped up a special women’s training event up here in New Hampshire at the Farmington Fish & Game Club. We hosted a  only basic handgun class. Christy taught it and did a phenomenal job, it was a big success. We had 13 women in the class. We had a great bunch of ladies in that class. I was … Read More

August is National Shooting Sports Month

Shooting is a lot of fun. If you carry a gun, you’re a gun enthusiast and you like being out on the range, I encourage you to check out one of the matches in your local area, and get involved with the shooting sports this month. National Shooting Sports month is all about getting out there and having fun with … Read More