My Gear Routine When Winter Is Near

Especially up here in the northeast, and pretty much across the country, winter means that daylight is short. It’s starting to get dark around 5:30pm. That gets me thinking about if I have the right equipment for conditions, including batteries. I’m thinking about, “Do I have my light with me? Is my light charged up with good batteries?” A good, … Read More

Empowering Ourselves: Kay Faesel’s Story

This is a featured article by an empowered woman sharing her story as part of our Women on Wednesday series.  Women on Wednesday is all about empowering ourselves and others. Kay won a one-year FREE MEMBERSHIP to E3Firearms Association! Email us with your story for a chance to win & be featured here in the spotlight! Email us at … Read More

Adam Addresses Questions About E3 Firearms Association

Hello, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Before you go off for a fun Thanksgiving holiday with your family, I want to take a few minutes to answer some common questions from people like you. Question 1) I’m getting a ton of great information already. Adam) I’m glad you’re enjoying our content. You’ll get the same quality content and training, multiplied … Read More

Concealed Carry in the Car

Discover best practices when carrying your gun in the car. There are some great do’s and dont’s from Adam on where to carry so you can access your firearm in an emergency quickly.

E3 Firearms Association Live Audience Q&A With Adam Painchaud

Adam Painchaud Answers Questions from an E3 Firearms Association Audience Earlier this week, Adam Painchaud held a live Q&A discussion session, when he gave practical advice, and answered questions from our live call-in  audience about Firearms training and safety. If you missed the opportunity to join this special E3 Firearms Association event, you can listen to the recording today. You'll ... Read More

Involved in a Shooting Incident

Join Officer Adam Painchaud on patrol, as he shares what to do if you are involved or near a shooting incident. You'll hear what to do if you are in an incident, and what not to do when police are on the scene. You'll discover what to think about when police respond, as well as what their first priority is. ... Read More

Concealed Carry As Seasons and Wardrobes Change

I would say that fall is probably my favorite time of the year. As it relates to firearms, one of the things that’s nice about the fall is I feel like I have more concealed carry options as the weather gets colder. In the summer months, I’m running around off duty on the weekends and after hours. I’ve got shorts … Read More