Perishable firearm skills mean working on them if you want to keep them strong. That means understanding how to do things the right way.
Improving Your Firearm Skills  JOIN TODAY! |  Member Login Some skills are perishable, which means they require you to work on them if you want to keep them strong. I’ve done a lot of training work, helping agencies and law enforcement professionals lately. I’m on the range all day doing a police rifle training. In addition, I also do some vehicle defense... [Read More]
It's important to have on-going and continuous firearm training. You can find firearm classes and courses easily near you with these tips.
The Importance Of On-Going Firearm Training  JOIN TODAY! |  Member Login We asked Kerry Davis, of Dark Angel Medical for some advice for our members.  I always tell guys in our classes, you could have the best training in the world. You can have the highest speed gear in the world. If you don’t have the right mindset to go along with... [Read More]