Women on Wednesday!

It’s Women on Wednesday… with “Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules” Our empowerment message this week is to encourage you to empower and educate your children with gun safety! We recently read a new favorite children’s gun safety book, “Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules” by @juliegolob (World Class Competitive Shooter and Industry Icon). We absolutely loved it! We highly recommend it … Read More

Women On Wednesdays

Check out our “Women on Wednesdays” message from Kim Sellers as she shares her empowerment story…   ”For the past several years, my dad and I go to the shooting range as a part of father-daughter time for his birthday.  It first began as something fun, “bonding” time.  However, the first time I held the gun in my hands and … Read More

Women on Wednesdays Begins Today

Welcome to “Women on Wednesdays”… our new women’s column hosted by me, Christy Painchaud! This feature is especially for our female members and followers. But guys, you’ll want to read these too, as there will be a lot of useful insights coming in from our readers. As a firearms training instructor for many years now, one thing I have always … Read More

How to Reduce Gun Theft from Cars

Cars are bad place to keep weapons. A jimmied car door, a broken window, and someone can steal a gun that can be used to commit more crimes. Research has found between 300,000 and 600,000 firearms in the U.S. are stolen every year. That’s 1,600 stolen guns every day, or more than one per minute. Follow these 10 tips to … Read More

Women on Wednesdays is Coming, Share Your Story

Starting in January, we are doing something special for the ladies. We’re launching a Women on Wednesdays column, led by Christy Painchaud. Not all the stories and comments are coming from Christy though. We want to hear from our female followers and members!! Here’s a little message from Christy. “As an instructor, one thing I always loved about teaching was … Read More

I Have My Concealed Carry License, Now What?

The first thing to do is to purchase a gun that’s a good fit for you, that’s right for you. If you have not done so already, take an afternoon and stroll into a few gun shops in your area. See who you like and make that your gun shop. Then have them help you find the right gun for … Read More

Firearms Instruction for Women

Firearms instruction for women means handling firearms confidently in today’s world is a necessity, if you want to keep yourself and your family safe. If you have a fear of guns, try your best to overcome that fear. Because there is no reason to be afraid of guns. You control the gun. Just take that next step and have someone … Read More