Is a Clean Gun Important? How Often Should I Clean Mine?

Can you clean a gun too much? Do I need a clean gun? How often should I clean my gun so it works properly and does not give me problems?

Here’s what E3 Firearms Association co-Founder Adam Painchaud had to say about these questions about having a clean gun.

“These are good questions, as I treat my carry guns differently when I clean, versus my other guns.

My carry guns and my duty guns are actually used for carry and defense, things like that.

Those guns I clean. Though I don’t immediately go clean my gun the moment I leave the range.

But I do spend a little bit of time giving those guns TLC, cleaning, and lubrication.

I do because of my line of work, law enforcement. Having a clean gun is part of the job.

I do have guns I use just for training.

With those guns, I really keep those guns lubricated and I don’t really clean them at all. I will clean them if they absolutely need it or they’re not running right. Some people will obsess over cleaning their training gun. Focusing on having a clean gun just for training purposes just is not necessary.

Your carry guns, on the other hand, you definitely want to give them TLC, because we want them in optimum condition.

The reality is, good quality firearms, even if dirty, will still work effectively.

However, we want our carry guns and our duty guns in 100% optimal condition. It’s really not worth running around with a dirty carry or duty gun.

Now, you don’t have to spend an hour cleaning it.

I probably spend about 15 minutes cleaning, lubing it up, and doing a function check. Then I know it’s ready to rock.

When cleaning carry guns, you don’t have to get out the toothpicks and the Q tips. No need for a white glove inspection or anything like that.

But give it a good cleaning and inspection.

Then definitely do a function check. I think that’s certainly worth doing.