Continuous Training and Practice

We asked Kerry Davis, of Dark Angel Medical for some advice for our members.  I always tell guys in our classes, you could have the best training in the world. You can have the highest speed gear in the world. If you don’t have the right mindset to go along with that training, you’re going to set yourself up for failure because you’ve got to have the training and you have to make in continuous training.

Just like some people that go, “I got my new Glock 19. When I read the instruction manual, I went to the range and fired a couple of mags, I’m good to go. I’m ready for my concealed carry class.”

Nothing scares me more than people like that because I am thinking… “you are far from being ready. You need to become a true student.”

Just like anybody else that wants to do medicine, it’s a perishable skill, just like shooting is. The better you train, the better you’re going to react to a situation and the more you’ll become subconsciously skilled. The training is honestly what it’s all about.

continuous training practiceDon’t just take one class and finish later. We always say,  “Keep on training. Do take classes from other people. Learn other stuff. The more you train, the better you’re going to be and you’re going to have your own rhythm, your own way of doing things, and you’re going to be an asset and not a liability.”

We just can’t emphasize how important training is. That’s why with the training we do every year, we tell people, “You’ll want to come back and get a refresher, because this stuff changes all the time.”

Look how much we’ve evolved as far as the shooting industry goes? Back in the day, the old cup and saucer grip, the weaver stance. Look how we carry guns now versus how we carried them back in the ‘60s, or ‘70s. Things have evolved, just like with medicine.

If you stagnate yourself, you’re not doing yourself or anybody else around you any good. Get that training and continue to train and continue to learn. Don’t just say, “Well, back in my day.” Because you know what? Stuff has changed. We have to continue to evolve, or we’re not helping anybody.