Survival Mindset: The Kyle Lamb And Adam Painchaud Interview

For Kyle Lamb, It’s About Getting Better Every Day

Join Kyle Lamb and Adam Painchaud as they get into a detailed conversation about combat and survival mindset, EDC and training, along with more advanced strategies. Get ready to hear from two of the most advanced tactical operators on the planet.

Watch this star-power video interview now.

In this revealing chat with Adam and Kyle Lamb, you’ll uncover what makes them two of the top firearms and tactical trainers in the world. You’ll also gain insights in the combat and survival mindset that will benefit any CCW holder.

As Adam asked Kyle about his take on his absolute minimum for EDC, they talked about the gun Kyle chooses due to it’s capacity, along with why he likes appendix carry, and always wants his ankle carry weapon, as well as a small flashlight, a pocket tool and his favorite compact pistol.

Kyle shared why being prepared with extra mags is smart, and why bigger mags make all the difference when you’re in a pinch, plus, with what they do carry, why they both don’t carry met kits.

Next you’ll hear Kyle share his ideal carry, which includes more clothing, especially in a higher crime threat scenario, and items to help him escape the situation, or fight if he had to.

Then you’ll hear them shift gears to the interesting subject of training visualization, discussing the benefits, why many think it’s mumbo jumbo but it’s absolutely not, and how important it really is. Including why when Kyle can’t make it to the range, he’s visualizing.

They cover how lots of people visualize incorrectly, why Kyle thinks you should never visualize failure or negative scenarios, and why he makes sure people know when he closes his eyes, it’s not about relaxation, it’s all about visualization training.

As career trainers, Kyle also shared what brings him the most enjoyment every day, including all the disciplines and motivators his students learn, and how, at the end of the day, he always looks to become better at what he does.

About Kyle Lamb

Sargent Major Kyle E. Lamb (retired), spent more than 21 years with the United States Army, more than 15 years of which were with U.S. Army Special Operations. SGM Lamb has conducted combat operations in numerous theatres of operation, including Mogadishu, Somalia (Black Hawk Down Incident), and has served numerous tours in Iraq (the current war as well as Operation Desert Storm) and Bosnia. SGM Lamb is now Founder and President of Viking Tactics, Inc. as well as the author of “Green Eyes and Black Rifles: The Warriors Guide to the Combat Carbine.” Lamb is a highly sought after military and law enforcement trainer, conducting Leadership Training Seminars, Team Leader Planning Courses, Tactical Commander Courses, Active Shooter Courses, Dynamic Tactical Entry Courses, as well as Carbine and Pistol Courses. For More information, contact Kyle at