For Kyle Lamb, It’s About Getting Better Every Day Join Kyle Lamb and Adam Painchaud as they get into a detailed conversation about combat and survival mindset, EDC and training, along with more advanced strategies. Get ready to hear from two of the most advanced tactical operators on the planet. Watch this star-power video interview now. In this revealing chat... [Read More]
I would say that fall is probably my favorite time of the year. As it relates to firearms, one of the things that’s nice about the fall is I feel like I have more concealed carry options as the weather gets colder. In the summer months, I’m running around off duty on the weekends and after hours. I’ve got shorts... [Read More]
Today Adam shares how to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Listen to these smart tips for staying safe. You'll hear how there are many places where bad guys can hide. And how in many cases, while you can't see them, they may be able to see you. You'll learn how you can perform a simple check to... [Read More]
Today we're sharing minimum EDC (minimum everyday carry) best practices for carrying on your body in your daily activities. You'll see the state your gun must be in, along with what you need on you with your carry gun. This includes non-gun tools, defensive items and more. You'll uncover the most powerful deterrent besides a gun. You'll also learn when... [Read More]
In this video, founders Brian Johnson and Adam Painchaud give real life examples of when to carry, how and why you should always carry as a responsibly armed citizen.  It doesn't stop with getting your license to carry. When should you carry? There are so many different questions on this subject, Brian sat down with Adam to help you make... [Read More]