Adam Addresses Questions About E3 Firearms Association

Hello, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Before you go off for a fun Thanksgiving holiday with your family, I want to take a few minutes to answer some common questions from people like you.

Happy Thanksgiving

Question 1) I’m getting a ton of great information already.

Adam) I’m glad you’re enjoying our content. You’ll get the same quality content and training, multiplied by 10X as we grow! We are here to be the only firearms training community you will ever need.  More importantly customized for your needs and level.

Question 2) What type of online training can we expect?

Adam) You’ll get weekly audio and videos from top professionals and industry insiders, who will keep you in the loop with the latest firearms world news, updated information and live and online membership activities. We’re here to over-deliver so you get the most from your experience with us. And, loads of full courses with many lessons in a course.

Question 3) How is this different from a YouTube Channel?

Adam) Besides being totally AD-FREE, you’ll get access to advanced training webinars and livestream shows, with high-end training and strategies. In addition, these events include how to be prepared for medical and trauma situations, how to deal with aftermaths, and specific legal discussions that will interest all members, no matter where you live. Plus, I am doing Live Q&A sessions where you can join in and ask me any questions you like, plus much more, like more live online trainings, and many offline events what will blow you away, including special VIP experience opportunities.

Question 4) Are there programs for industry professionals to promote as affiliates?

Adam) Yes! You can get more information about our Affiliate Partner Program, as well as sign up to participate, where you can earn monthly income on your referrals. Just visit the “Become an E3 Affiliate Partner” link at the bottom of every page on our site. Getting started is easy and free!  ANYONE can refer E3 and get paid,  just for sharing the program with others.

Question 5) Who are the trainings designed for? (experience level, interests, etc.)

Adam) Great question, because we have made our #1 priority to customize our trainings for the levels where our students are now. Because of this, we have programs for novices and we also have trainings for basic beginners. We have mid-level trainings for those with some experience with firearms, and we also have high-level courses for experienced enthusiasts.

Plus, our trainings don’t stop there. We are also here with the highest-level trainings to keep our law enforcement and security forces members up on the latest and greatest tactics and advances.

Question 6) What kind of programs can we expect beside online training?

Adam) Our trainings are available 24/7 online and on our app for convenient access. We are already hosting LIVE and in-person events in a show-type setting. We are also planning our first, and many more extensive, high-level events that will be available through livestream access to your phone, tablet or even your internet-enabled TV.

Before I wrap up this up, I also want you to know that E3 Firearms Association is also proud to support HAVA (Honored American Vets Afield). We are donating a percentage of proceeds to this fine organization that is making a positive difference in the lives of families of our military who need our help.

HAVA is dedicated to the veteran’s healing, and will sanction and sponsor only those events that are conceived, conducted and promoted according to the highest ethical, safety and performance standards consistent with the organization mission. The best interests of the veteran’s rehabilitation will be pursued vigorously.

I hope that answers a lot of our followers’ questions for now. You will be notified by email of our next Live Q&A Call session, where we will take more questions about firearms training and safety on a regular basis.

Here’s to you and yours having a Happy Thanksgiving!

Adam Painchaud