Being Physically Fit and the Importance of Pushing Yourself

ADAM PAINCHAUD: Obviously being physically fit is obviously important. How do you think that enhances your defensive posture, you're mindset? Why is this so important to you? KRIS "TANTO"PARONTO: Well, it does. Mindset first of all, actually I'm downstairs.  I got done with my 4.5 run and I'm downstairs working out while we're doing this interview right now trying to ... Read More

Moms and Guns – A Newbie’s Journey

Listen in on this video of a new female student that has just gone through tactical training.  She discusses what’s it’s like to be a mom and carry her firearm with children around.   What’s the best way to carry as a woman and many other topics new shooters may ask. They talk about dangers in today's world, and why her ... Read More

August is National Shooting Sports Month

Shooting is a lot of fun. If you carry a gun, you’re a gun enthusiast and you like being out on the range, I encourage you to check out one of the matches in your local area, and get involved with the shooting sports this month. National Shooting Sports month is all about getting out there and having fun with … Read More

Keeping a Low Profile, Concealed Carry

In my daily travels I saw constant examples of “concealed carry." I put that phrase in quotes because of the fact I SEE the concealed carry. I see it all. Full size hand cannons “concealed” under tight fitting tee shirts, eight inch bowie knives on belts, keep honking I’m reloading stickers, and the occasional slung up AR getting out of ... Read More