Christy Painchaud Interview

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In this revealing interview, Brian Johnson talks to Christy Painchaud, as she shares how she got started with firearms, and much more. Christy Painchaud, a retired federal agent, special agent and criminal investigator, is also a mom who carries.

Listen in as Christy shares her perspective as a woman who carries a firearm every day, and a security officer. You’ll hear why Christy decided to hang up her hat and retire from active duty. Next, you will learn what shocks women the most about a woman carrying every day. You will discover how Christy is empowering, engaging and how she educates other women when the topic of carrying comes up, and why, as a firearms instructor, Christy chooses to hold women-only classes.

Discover what she learned and experienced the first time she went to a firing range.

Learn why she always checks weapons for safety in her home, as she shares how you can actually train inside your home.

Christy answers the common question, “I have my CCW licence, now what?” and shares the best way to get more comfortable and confident, along with how to stay that way. In addition, she also shares for women who carry, the best size firearms and ammunition. Learn what empowerment means to Christy, being the survivor of a violent crime.

Listen in today, then leave your comments below, about how you feel about women who carry. See how this look into Christy’s life can empower you to stay safe by carrying every day.

As part of her extensive career, she has served active duty in the military and law enforcement. She has also performed as a security contractor and private investigator. Christy is a mom who carries, and serves as a firearms instructor where she teaches firearms training for men and women.