Honey Badger and Q Kevin Brittingham Adam Painchaud

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Adam visits the crew from Q, home of the legendary Honey Badger

Watch Adam Painchaud LIVEĀ  with Kevin Brittingham

Here is a behind the scenes video of “Q” and the company that developed the AWESOME Honey Badger with Kevin Brittingham

See why Adam has not met a cooler company than Q…

Adam Painchaud and Kevin BrittinghamHear the history of the Honey Badger, along with why they wanted more accuracy and a lighter weight, and how they got it down to only 3 pounds. You’ll see how they avoid getting smoke in their face with a silencer, enabled by big advances in silencer technology.

Find out why Adam has not met a cooler company than Q, and how they are producing practical gear people like. They share why the people at Q created a smart, motivated company, and how they can have a few people that accomplish a lot of things.

They also share why they let certain customers come inside to see operations, and why showing up with beer will get you a day pass at Q. Listen in as they share why Q is the leader in innovation that makes shooters’ lives easier.