Real NRA Women Carry

Christy and Allison on guns, children and close calls


Advice for all women and men

Listen in from the NRA 2018 convention as Christy Painchaud speaks with Sheriff’s deputy and mother Allison about guns and children, close calls as well as firearms safety and training.

You’ll hear why Allison is a mother who carries, and when she started carrying all the time. Learn how one day in a department store, her handgun may have saved her life.

Hear about the day she never went without a firearm again, and how she previously was involved in an officer-related shooting. Allison shares what she does when her children around, and how she teaches and shares with her children about guns, including why they know now to go around her service tool belt, and how to get gun safety and curiosity out in the open with them.

Christy and Allison talk about how she trains at home with her husband, especially how you need to do drills and run round, even forcing herself to run sprints so her blood is going for real life shooting scenarios.

She shares advice for all women who carry and men as well that dry firing first to get a feel for the weapon helps a lot, since many women are afraid of guns, and how to help them. Sharing her special mindset from her experiences in dangerous situations.

About Christy

Christy Painchaud is a retired federal agent, special agent and criminal investigator. As part of her extensive career, she has served active duty in the military and law enforcement as well as time as a security contractor and private investigator. Christy is a mom who carries, and serves as a firearms instructor where she teaches firearms training for men and women.