Situational Awareness Mass Casualty Events

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Terrorist attacks are scary. But it always helps to be educated about what to do and what not to do, so you have the best chances of staying safe.

situational awarenessIn this Message from Adam, you’ll hear what “SA” is all about, along with how you can be more aware out on the streets. You’ll hear how to recognize a serious threat as it unfolds, and why preparing and planning may not enough. You will also discover what “immediate available cover” is, and when to seek it. Then you’ll see why following the crowd is almost never your best move. Additionally, you’ll learn where to go when it’s difficult to find safety, and the most useful tip, the best way to avoid imminent or occurring danger.

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Share your thoughts about what you would do if you found yourself in the middle of an attack unfolding around you. Was this message useful? What would you do first, then next? Have you or a family member been in a situation like this? Share your thoughts below.