Status Check Pistol

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Adam Painchaud, President of E3 Firearms Association talks about performing a status check in this Tactical Shooter Tip Talk. Join Adam and Brian as they walk you through having safe passage through multiple states. You’ll hear what to do when crossing state lines, and what not to do. They share why you must be aware when crossing state lines, along with an explanation of what the Safe Passage federal law is, and what it means to your traveling. They share why it’s smart to consider strategic travel stops, including why you could still end up in hand cuffs if stopped with a firearm in your vehicle. They also share the most important thing to remember when confronted by a police officer.

status check

About Brian and Adam:

Brian Johnson has been carrying concealed since he was 21, with a family dedicated and trained to carry as well. He has continuously pursued increasing his training and education in the firearms world to achieve mastery.

Adam Painchaud, formerly Vice President of Sig Sauer, is one of the most highly-regarded, small unit tactics and advanced firearms skills instructors in America and the world. Adam is the driving force behind E3 Firearms Association.