Recently we discussed suggestions on how to interact with law enforcement (while packing heat) during a traffic stop. Now we are going to discuss do’s and don’ts if you ever find yourself dealing with law enforcement responding to a shooting or other critical incident. It is important to understand that specific laws in your state/region may dictate other than what... [Read More]
If you carry all day every day (like you should) there is a high probability at some point you will have interaction with law enforcement. Whether that means getting pulled over or following a critical incident you may be involved in. Understanding how to act is not just important from the legal perspective, it may save your life. Since this... [Read More]
In this video Officer Adam Painchaud gives real life examples of how to and how not to deal with the traffic stops and firearms. We talk step-by-step about the best practices to use and exactly what not to do. Join Adam and Brian as they walk you through this mock traffic stop. During this scene, you'll discover how to act... [Read More]