Training Standards Trident Concepts Jeff Gonzales

Jeff and Adam on the importance of Firearms training standards

Join Jeff and Adam for an Exclusive Interview on Training Standards

Join Jeff and Adam as they talk about the importance of Firearms training standards and how you can apply them to your own training.

You’ll see why Jeff is one of the best instructors in the world. Jeff’s training is at such a high level. It’s not what everyone else does, but Jeff does not know any different.

You’ll uncover what brought Jeff to the level he is now, and why he needs to know that visible change has occurred after a class. They also share why some who thought they were good failed the class. While others some come back with a vengeance.

Hear why Jeff believes in holding his students accountable, and why it was hard for him in the early days. He shares why some are afraid of his training, and why everyone does not get a prize after a class. He also shows why he doesn’t deviate from his teachings, enabling him to speak about what works and what doesn’t.

Plus, you’ll hear what Adam appreciates about Jeff and why it’s so important to maintain his level of standards, as he delivers his four-stage training approach. Also, you’ll see why, even though Jeff receives many applications to attend his classes, only few get invited, and why convincing students of sustained training is so important for their success, and if you can get them to understand their shortcomings, they can see weak areas to get assistance with.

About Jeff

US Navy SEAL and modern warfare expert, Jeff Gonzales serves as President to Trident Concepts, LLC. Jeff was a decorated and respected SEAL serving as an operator and instructor who participated in numerous combat operations throughout the globe. Comprising a staff of diverse and professional Naval Special Warfare instructors, this battle-proven company specializes in weapons, tactics and techniques to meet the evolving threat. Bringing the same high-intensity mindset, operational success and lessons learned from NSW to our training programs, TRICON has been recognized as an industry leader by various government, state and local units.