TRAVEL on Airlines with Firearms

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In this lesson, Adam and Brian reveal how to secure your firearms for air travel and TSA searches. You’ll hear what to do when checking firearms on airlines with TSA, as well as alternatives to using airlines to transport firearms.

Adam also shares what he found that works when securing firearms properly for TSA. You’ll also see why there is a lot of inconsistency with TSA searches, along with tactics that promote TSA approval. You’ll get a walk through of how to secure firearms properly for air travel, including why you can’t use locks that are TSA approved.




About Adam & Brian:

Adam Painchaud is one of the most highly regarded small unit tactics and advanced firearms instructors in America. He is Army Ranger and Airborne qualified. Adam is a senior non-commissioned officer with nearly 22 years of experience in both active duty and reserves. He has completed federal investigations as well as protective services missions worldwide including missions for the war against terrorism.

Brian helps E3 members accelerate their firearms training growth through a variety of meaningful objective-based goals. His main focus is to orchestrate the business side of the E3 team to deliver the highest possible member experience and guide the company in its ultimate vision.