Women on Wednesdays Begins Today

Welcome to “Women on Wednesdays”… our new women’s column hosted by me, Christy Painchaud!

Christy PainchaudThis feature is especially for our female members and followers. But guys, you’ll want to read these too, as there will be a lot of useful insights coming in from our readers.

As a firearms training instructor for many years now, one thing I have always loved about teaching is learning from others and their unique experiences.

I always tell my students… “I learn as much from you as you learn from me!” We have strength in numbers ladies, and we need to support and help one another, in order to empower one another. What better way to do this than to share your stories about how you feel empowered and confident because you are able to protect yourself.

While I will be contributing  stories and comments, this column is for YOU ladies!  We want to hear from our female followers and members, with your stories and insights!

Share your “Empowerment Story” with us below, about how you learned (or want to learn) to shoot, your first time shooting, or when you purchased your first firearm. You can share what happened during your first firearms training, when you started carrying concealed, when you started having a firearm in the home for self-defense, or anything related to YOU taking self-protection into your own hands, and how it has empowered you.

The stories our ladies submit will be shared on our social media channels, plus, we’ll feature one lucky inspiring lady each month in our “My Empowerment Story” section of our online magazine. The author of each of our monthly feature stories will also receive special prize giveaways.

Today we’re beginning with a story of empowerment from Carole and want to thank her for being our first #WomenOnWednesdays featured guest.women on wednesdays contributor photo

“I first met Christy Painchaud through a hairstylist/client relationship and loved her right away.

After discovering that she taught firearms classes at Sig Sauer, where her husband, Adam, was the director, I thought….Oh NO! Because I’ve always been intimidated by guns and didn’t want to be anywhere near them.

Christy asked me a few times to take a women’s only class, and after a number of years I finally said yes, though I was terrified and didn’t know what to expect.

We spent the first half of the day in a classroom setting learning every aspect of a weapon. I had a partner, as we learned about muzzle management details, etc. Then, it was go time. We entered the indoor range and put our eyes and ears on. We were asked to close our eyes for the first instructors’ shot.

I screamed on the inside and wanted to run and keep on running. For the second shot, we had to open our eyes and look at the weapon as it fired, so we could really appreciate the power of the explosion. I nearly fainted.

I thought… Ok. Pull it together! Christy is an educated and experienced badass. You’re growing as a woman and a person.

Then it was time for us to shoot. Dear Baby Jesus in the manger! I didn’t jump too much (sure!) as the woman next to me fired her weapon and the hot casing bounced off my arm.

I was doing it. Shaking…. then, not shaking. I was aiming. I was SHOOTING A GUN. I was even hitting the target.

She came over to me and whispered, “What are you aiming at?” I answered, “Right shoulder...” She smiled and said I was doing great and hitting my targeted area. It was on. I thought… I got this!

They were both such good teachers. In addition to Christy, the other instructor was an emergency room doctor or technician…. both were patient and lovely.

After the practical part of the course, we all dismantled our weapons and cleaned them and put them back together. Amazing, right?? I pretty much destroyed my cardboard target. His chest and shoulders and head didn’t survive to tell the tale…. but I did.

I felt so strong and empowered that it took the fear away for me. So much so that when my client came in for a haircut this week with his weapon, I said “Let me hold it!” He did and laughed at my enthusiasm.

I hope at least one person reads my story and feels that they can do it too! Because YOU CAN.”

– Carole


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To your safety and empowerment,

Christy Painchaud

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