Listen in as Adam’s wife Christy, an armed professional, shares her thoughts about carrying as a mom. You’ll hear why some women learn differently than men, and the difference between women’s firearm training and men’s. She discusses why women-only training empowers women, and what about carrying and training is empowering to women. Christy talks about being a mom, what is... [Read More]
Join Adam and Christy Painchaud for this important look and learn what it takes to be prepared and safe in your home. You'll hear why you need to adapt for your specific situation or location. You'll discover what "defensive depth" means to your ability to stay safe. Christy shares why you want to figure out what your plan will be... [Read More]
Today we're sharing minimum EDC (minimum everyday carry) best practices for carrying on your body in your daily activities. You'll see the state your gun must be in, along with what you need on you with your carry gun. This includes non-gun tools, defensive items and more. You'll uncover the most powerful deterrent besides a gun. You'll also learn when... [Read More]
Listen in as Adam shares his opinions on the modern state of firearm ammo and how it has improved. You'll learn about the major bullet calibers, including the best choice, and why Adam chooses this for his go-to caliber. He also lets you in on a secret that makes shooting easier on your gun and your body, while saving money... [Read More]
Join Adam as he takes you to a practice shooting range, and shares his best practices for knowing what to think and what to do so you are mentally prepared. See what to bring so you can make the most of the day and stay safe, while being prepared to practice, learn and have fun. Having a plan together before... [Read More]
In this video Officer Adam Painchaud gives real life examples of how to and how not to deal with the traffic stops and firearms. We talk step-by-step about the best practices to use and exactly what not to do. Join Adam and Brian as they walk you through this mock traffic stop. During this scene, you'll discover how to act... [Read More]
Listen in on this video of a new female student that has just gone through tactical training.  She discusses what’s it’s like to be a mom and carry her firearm with children around.   What’s the best way to carry as a woman and many other topics new shooters may ask. They talk about dangers in today's world, and why her... [Read More]
In this video, founders Brian Johnson and Adam Painchaud give real life examples of when to carry, how and why you should always carry as a responsibly armed citizen.  It doesn't stop with getting your license to carry. When should you carry? There are so many different questions on this subject, Brian sat down with Adam to help you make... [Read More]
Knowing the different types of reloading procedures and when to use them is not only a fundamental, these same strategies and tactics are used by protection agencies and special forces.  Join Adam Painchaud as he walks you through the right and wrong way to perform tactical reloads, as well as differences in reloading and when to use them. You'll see... [Read More]
Join Adam out on the range as he practices and instructs our members on doing emergency reloads, also known as slide lock reloads. You'll discover what a slide lock reload looks like, and why this reload is called an emergency reload. You'll also hear why a slide lock can put your life in danger if not done right, and how... [Read More]