Join Adam and Christy Painchaud for this important look and learn what it takes to be prepared and safe in your home. You'll hear why you need to adapt for your specific situation or location. You'll discover what "defensive depth" means to your ability to stay safe. Christy shares why you want to figure out what your plan will be... [Read More]
ADAM PAINCHAUD: I assume you're out there packing a gun every day, what's on your mind? You carrying everywhere all the time, no matter what with your travels, what are your thoughts? KRIS PARONTO: Well, when I'm home I do. I have it all the time. The problem with me traveling and especially the amount I traveled last year and... [Read More]
Today we're sharing minimum EDC (minimum everyday carry) best practices for carrying on your body in your daily activities. You'll see the state your gun must be in, along with what you need on you with your carry gun. This includes non-gun tools, defensive items and more. You'll uncover the most powerful deterrent besides a gun. You'll also learn when... [Read More]
ADAM PAINCHAUD:  You're a firearms instructor for 18+ years. You’ve been on the range a lot. You're working a lot of students and influencing a lot of folks, people maybe just starting out shooting or seasoned operators. When you're out there obviously you have the hard scopes. You're focusing on mindset and things like that, what's the big message you're... [Read More]
ADAM PAINCHAUD: Most people who continue to educate themselves and train understand the mindset of avoiding any incident in the first place.  What are some of the approaches you take in this area of avoiding or minimizing engagement? KRIS PARONTO:  The first thing you want to do is not get in a gunfight. You don’t want to be in that... [Read More]
Recently we discussed suggestions on how to interact with law enforcement (while packing heat) during a traffic stop. Now we are going to discuss do’s and don’ts if you ever find yourself dealing with law enforcement responding to a shooting or other critical incident. It is important to understand that specific laws in your state/region may dictate other than what... [Read More]
If you carry all day every day (like you should) there is a high probability at some point you will have interaction with law enforcement. Whether that means getting pulled over or following a critical incident you may be involved in. Understanding how to act is not just important from the legal perspective, it may save your life. Since this... [Read More]
ADAM PAINCHAUD:  Obviously, most people know you publicly from your experience in Benghazi. Can you tell us a little bit about what happened when you returned? Obviously, with the Rangers you had a lot of deployment and combat time prior to that attack. But what specifically with that attack, what influenced home and family life when you returned from that... [Read More]
Listen in as Adam shares his opinions on the modern state of firearm ammo and how it has improved. You'll learn about the major bullet calibers, including the best choice, and why Adam chooses this for his go-to caliber. He also lets you in on a secret that makes shooting easier on your gun and your body, while saving money... [Read More]